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Xia Kha 3.png

Xia Kha


Born and raised in a hidden Village on Othard, she is one of last remaining members of the legendary shattered Kha Clan. As a well trained assassin, she is amazingly skilled in mixing deadly toxins. With these skills she is also known, in mixing the strongest cocktails Erozeas. So if you have the guts to try a drink that could end your night within a blink of an eye, you should definitely order a drink from Xia! Just please don't complain if she pressed that reset-button to early

Barki 2.png

Barkideus Grimwood


Origin of this Miqo'te is unknown. Barkideus believes that as soon as beauty is known by the others as beautiful, it becomes ugly and good virtue being known by others, it becomes evil.
That is why he rather keeps things and people he loves private and away from strangers eyes.

There is not much to say, just a wandering soul with complicated moral compass; but that is what makes him realistic, complex and sometimes even likeable. We only get what we wish for, not what we want, right?

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