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Melody Evenstar

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A derpy tomboy from the streets of Ul'dah.
With her confidence, her boyish charms and her eternal smile she is more than ready to enchant you and your night. From Lalafellin Traders to Miqo'te travelers and everyone inbetween, close your eyes and let go for Mel will take care of you!

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As a young viera, she kept hearing stories about the outside world, being told that it is not safe out there,but Hazel truly knew that she wanted to find out for herself how it is outside of the woods, and so after leaving Southern Othard and being considered an outsider, Hazel has begun adventuring throughout Eorzea until she came across some sweet people that offered her a joyful job opportunity that she couldn’t have passed up. She is a soft, loving soul that knows only to be kind to people.

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Sahja Ravenwood

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Sub / Bi

Born and grown up in Ishgard without the warmth of a mother,
her only dream was to dance.
After her first experience in a club she saw the dancers
and knew she wanted to be one of them!Now she's looking to have a wonderful time with the guests.


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An especially arrogant, charming and licentious Mi'qote, Elo was raised in a very hard-boiled and formal Gridanian household with his parents who are both impressive warriors from whom he learnt advanced combat skills as well as discipline. He was well on his way to training under the Immortal Flames when he and some of his other cadets ventured out to enjoy the night life and it was there did Elo fall in love with the scene, even more so when he hired a dancer for company that night. Ever since then he has never looked back! This was his calling! Now Elo loves nothing more than the company of an exquisite lady or a charismatic gentleman and will definitely make you feel desired and pampered beyond compare. You will not regret it.



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He has traveled the world wild and determined and has seen a lot. The most diverse cultures.
Damian was often on his own, but he always had a fable for beautiful women and men. Now he dances for the beautiful and caresses them with his sharp eyes.