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Athena Mors

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Dom / bi

Born in the Steppe, her mother escaped the flames of war, carrying her child and her unfaithful sister to Eorzea. Brought up in a Shroud orphanage, she honed her huntress senses in the wild, falling in love with the leather as she briefly trained in hand combat during her stay in Uldah. "Tell me, do you have what it takes to satisfy me?" She asks her prey with a devious smile.



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switch / bi

He has traveled the world wild and determined and has seen a lot. The most diverse cultures.
Damian was often on his own, but he always had a fable for beautiful women and men. Now he dances for the beautiful and caresses them with his sharp eyes.


Furia Bloom

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Switch / PAN

Once arriving home from her voyage, having experiences in ports and ships, tense and passionate - she decided to bring pleasure to the people of Eorzea. She always aims to please - whether you desire a dominant mistress, or an obedient slave, or simply a companion for the night for a passionate encounter, she will fulfill your dreams and desires.' - Is that okay? Still not super happy with it but it can work for now.

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Robyn Hyskaris

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Being picked up as a child by a rich merchant, Robyn spent his youth and adolescence in the noble circles of Ul'dah. After being caught having an affair with the offspring of a befriended merchant though, Robyn has been cast out from his adoptive family and has spent a couple of years at sea, travelling with limsan pirates. Now he returns to the shores of Eorzea to show you just how many...skills he picked up to be of service to you. Come and let him take you to pleasures unknown.

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