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Zuki Hayazaki

Chief Enforcer

Easy going and always willing to chat. Tough as a diamond, so don't step on his toes. Behave and everything is golden with him.


Kiyomi Windh


a kind and sweet soul with a heart of gold. Kiyo belongs to the Keepers of the Moon tribe. She is proud and strong, even if she seems fragile, she can defend herself. She loves the nights when the moon shows up. Her connection with the moon is strong, which is also the reason for her deity Mephina. Dont mess with her, she will fight back, like a real Mooncat.

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Phina Kha


Phina was born in a small village, called Little Ala Mhigo. She lost her parents at a very young age. Phina and her siblings were taken in by a family of Sun Seekers, who successfully raised all of them. Ever since, Phina trained hard to become strong, to protect her family and the ones she loves. At some point of her life she found a new purpose, after seeing her new family safe, and became a Security member. She now protects the members of the clubs she's working for, including her newfound friends.

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